10 December-Getting there

This now 3 weeks since I have started to "run" again. So far so good. Always the same routine, 20 min or so on the cross trainer, then 15 or so min on the treadmill, then 5 min on the leg press.

I do that twice a week. I also do many times a day some calf excercises.

The only difference between the sessions is the treadmill, I increase slightly the speed every week, and swap between 15 min and 20 min duration. I started at 8km/h for 15 min, then did 20min still at 8km/h, then moved at 8.4 then 8.8 and yesterday for the first time was over 9km/h (9.2 exactly).


It would really be good if I could take part to some events before the end of the year.

So maybe I will do: The goal mile on Christmas day with a target time of 10 min, and/orA 5km parkun maybe on the 30th of Decmber or on 1st January in Cabinteely park  It feels good to plan some running events again, even if I only target to do 10km…

18 November-Almost back to normal

It has been a very difficult last 6 months, but yesterday I had a bit of good news; as the physio told me, I should go back into running. Here are his orders:
So today this is exactly what I did.
I went to the gym, warm-up on the cross trainer for 30min, then rub 2km in 15min on the tradmills, and did a little bit of leg press.

And I feel great.

So this is probably the last post for a while.

15 November-Still not running

Almost 3 months since my last post, things are progressing slowly.
I have been able to resume training on the bike and swim normally. A lot of turbo trainer, at the starts it is better because on the road you never know how quickly you will have to dismount your bike. Swimming is great to loosen the legs, get a bit of ankle flexibility. However I am still not able to run, I hope it will happen soon, I am doing calf raises now out of the water and on one leg.

26 August-On the road and in the water

Big day today.

The weather was mild, the temperature was 17C and there was a light wind of 13km/h. It was the ideal day to resume some outdoor activities.

Indeed hat is exactly what I did; and overall, it went well. I cycled over 30 km in the neighborhood and swam over 1600 meters in the sea nearby. It feels really great to be training outdoor, first time in over 3 months. Also the physical sensations were pretty good, no pain. Even better, after the swim the swelling on the foot had recessed a lot.

Some thoughts went through my mind that the average speeds weren't great, I wasn't always well coordinated, obviously some muscle groups are now weaker than other. I make an effort to brush those bad thoughts away, it was the first day training outdoor; and it was great even if I had to use my hybrid bike. Also is only my 3rd open water swim this year. The last one was on the 14th of May. So I just need to be patient, before I pass judgment on my current fitness and set new targets…

22 August-Breaking the ice and rolling on two wheels

Today, I managed another milestone; I used my bicycle to go to work. It isn't very far just 2 km away. There is a little hill to climb half way through. I didn't plan to cycle, it just happens. As I was getting ready to go to work my son asked me to help fix his bicycle. While doing this I decided to give it go, I have been training a few times on the turbo and I thought I was ready, and the weather was fine... So I climb on the bike, pedal. Yes, the hill is short but tough enough...but it felt so good to be back on the saddle. Next week-end if the weather is good, I should try the road bike. Hurrah 😃

Otherwise, not much is changing. I am still battling with a swollen foot. So as a result, I am not doing any calf raises. So I am not doing much specific exercises, but a bit with the elastic band. At least, I can train few times a week on the bike trainer, and I swim also 2 or 3 times a week. Fitness wise I can start to see some benefits,

That's all for now, while the foot…

13 August-Didn't meet expectations

So when the orthopedist told me I was good to go on two shoes, I was very excited. I knew I wasn't going to run the next day but I was still too optimistic or naive regarding what I will be able to do.

So the next day I went to the pool to practice some calf raise exercises, see picture on the right; hardly exciting! So I did a bit of this then I swam a little too. It was complete shock to realize how much water fitness and feel I lost in over 2 months. When swimming I felt uncomfortable not properly coordinated and very slow. I manage to do a couple of 50 meters breaststroke and freestyle. Since then I have been back another 3 times. Sadly I couldn't go during the week, I think it would have helped a lot, but for now I practiced only at week-end, hopefully from next week it will be different. Little by little I am progressing, Every session so far, I have been swimming for longer, and with longer repetition 50 meter, then 100. I am doing a bit of back crawl as well. What I can…

4 August-2 shoes

Finally, it has been a long 10 weeks since I ruptured my Achilles tendon but today I have got the go ahead from the orthopedist to start walking on 2 shoes.

Can't wait to go to the pool tomorrow.