29 May-The Achilles snap

Snap, going back from putting the bin outside, I climb the one step going into the house, I feel a snap like a whip at the back of my leg and fell onto the floor in pain. What a pain! It doesn't last very long 15-20 min, maybe even less but oh goodness it hurts, more than the day where I broke my AC (acromioclavicular) join, well that day I may have been slightly concussed looking at the state of the helmet, so maybe it isn't a fair comparison.

Don't know what I have to do, go to the emergency and accident department, wait until the next day and see my doctor? 

So as night should bring counsel, I take some paracetamol with caffeine and ibuprofen and go to bed. The pain vanishes a little, I manage to get some sleep.


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