30 May-The morning after the night before

I wake-up with still a mild pain on my right calf, and I am able to walk with the crutches. I take an appointment with my GP, later in the afternoon. He is a bit surprised to see me with crutches, and wonder what I have done this time.

So I explain my story. He checks the Achilles, he is unsure of the extend of the damage. Surely there is quite a bit of swelling, a lot of reduced flexibility, many tender spots on the calcaneal tendon and  gastrocnemius muscle, but whether the tendon has ruptured completely or not is a bit unclear.

He refers me for an ultrasound in the nearby hospital, to complete the diagnostic, until then he tells me to keep taking paracetamol and ibuprofen to tackle the pain, and to carry-on using the crutches.


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