9 June-Breaking news

It is now 3 days since I am back from my trip, and I eventually got this ultrasound appointment. I am waiting. The pain has recessed a lot. I found a way to walk with the crutches putting my foot forward and blocking the ankle slightly bent. It doesn't hurt, and I start to dream, well IronMan Austria is probably not for this year, but I should be fine for the half-IronMan in Dublin mid-August and then the full IronMan in Barcelona early October. I really want to do the one in Barcelona. It is supposed to be a fast course, and I should do well and get a good time. Well it is a cheap way to beat my PB of two years ago, it was in Nice, but hey I am not getting any younger and I have got to take whatever opportunity happens.

The nurse call me, she is nice but they are busy so no time is lost. "Please confirm name, date of birth, remove your sock, lay down on the table the doctor will be with you in a minute.

I do as requested, and while waiting keep dreaming about my summer plans, my family, my sister, my work... 

The doctor arrives, very friendly, a bit of gel and then he says: "It is not good. The tendon is torn and there is quite a lot of swelling on and around the tendon. I will call an orthopedist to check if he can see you now".

Ten minutes later and one floor higher, still using my crutches method, I am invited into the orthopedist suit; a very nice guy. So in 1 minute, he looks at me, at his colleague's report and ask me to do few movements with my foot so that he can check the calf, foot and
ankle. Then very calmly he says, "In my whole career I never saw a half ruptured Achilles tendon, they are ruptured or not - like you are pregnant or not-in your case it is ruptured, but not cleanly. So first the tendon has to rest and to help recover I will put a cast.". Stupidly I ask "A cast?", meaning why not just a boot or some kind of bandage. Reading my mind, he says "Yes a cast, you will have to keep it for 4 weeks. Then I will reassess the situation. If it heals well, then you will get a boot and you will start some physiotherapy treatment". So, I think "Great, I will start running in few weeks", but he carries on "You will keep the boot for 3 to 8 weeks, but I may have to perform surgery after the 4 weeks." and he starts to apply the cast. He probably feels that I am a little concerned, so he goes very gently "The radiologist you saw for the ultrasound, is a good friend of mine. When you go out, talk to my assistant, you are not very at ease on crutches and she will show you some alternatives. Now the cast is done, wait ten minutes for it to harden then you can go but don't put weight on your foot, and see you in 4 weeks.". Nice guy, he just makes me realize that my dreams for summer and for the rest of the year are utterly shattered.

Going back home, look onto the internet.... Well I will be lucky if I start some light jogging by December...



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