2 July-Missing the show

Not much news, I couldn't go to the gym this week-end, I wanted to practice with the arm ergometer. So I am a bit disappointed with that.

Today was IronMan Austria, another impressive performance from Jan Frodeno, and what a finish in the women pro. Conditions were good, hope one day I will be there, it really looks like a nice course, and I want to ring the bell (google it if you want to know what's is all about). This is a show that I wouldn't like to miss if I have the opportunity.

The leg muscle has vanished quite a bit in the last week or so, you can really see the difference now between the two legs. So this should be my last week with a cast and move onto the boot, normally. I will see on Friday. I hope for the best, I am not prepared for being told that I need surgery, I know it is a possibility but right now I am pushing it as far back in my mind as I can. This is a show that I would like to miss if I have the opportunity.


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