7 July-Delighted, I got the boot πŸ˜ƒ

I am delighted, I got the boot.πŸ˜ƒ

So today I was back at the orthopedist. Like the last time he was a real gentleman, he gave me the boot. Here what happens.

First he removes the cast, there are many video on YouTube and that's exactly what happens (here is one); so I wasn't very surprised. Once the cast off, he examines the tendon, and says "Good, it is ready for the boot. You will be able to start putting weight on it. There are 3 heel wedges, you start with the 3 of them and over the next 4 weeks and every Friday you remove one of them. Every day, 3 times a day your remove the boot, and do those exercises move feet with toes pointing downwards, move feet with toes pointing inwards, repeat ten times".

And he carries on: "In 3-4 weeks we will start physio, then after 2 weeks or so you should be able to start swimming and after another 2-3 weeks indoor cycling."

It sounds not so bad, but when you do the maths, it means I will be back in the pool by around the 15 of August and on the bike by 30 of August, still a long way to go. We didn't mention running but that will probably around October-November. Well I am trying to learn a new skill: "patience".


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