10 December-Getting there

This now 3 weeks since I have started to "run" again. So far so good. Always the same routine, 20 min or so on the cross trainer, then 15 or so min on the treadmill, then 5 min on the leg press.

I do that twice a week. I also do many times a day some calf excercises.

The only difference between the sessions is the treadmill, I increase slightly the speed every week, and swap between 15 min and 20 min duration. I started at 8km/h for 15 min, then did 20min still at 8km/h, then moved at 8.4 then 8.8 and yesterday for the first time was over 9km/h (9.2 exactly).

18-Nov 21-Nov 25-Nov 02-Dec 05-Dec 09-Dec
8 15' 20'
8.4 15' 20'
8.8 15 '
9.2 15'

It would really be good if I could take part to some events before the end of the year.

So maybe I will do:
  • The goal mile on Christmas day with a target time of 10 min, and/or
  • A 5km parkun maybe on the 30th of Decmber or on 1st January in Cabinteely park 
It feels good to plan some running events again, even if I only target to do 10km/h.


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