1 August-Those boots were made for walking

Last Friday, I removed the last layer on the heel wedge. At last walking feels natural... well almost! I still have this ugly heavy boot hanging on my leg.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!

So on Saturday and Sunday that's exactly what I did, I went to the gym. I used the ergometer for 20 minutes. Guinness me, I am unfit! Then the bike trainer mainly on one leg. Total of the session a whopping 410 calories 😔.

Anyway the next day I was back into the gym, and I did more training, this time 1 hour on the turbo for a simple cardio session, and 34.53 km later I have burnt a satisfactory 620 calories. Cardio wise there is a lot of progress to do, but this will give a benchmark.

Well this is cycling not walking you are going to say. Indeed, the walking happened after I walked back home, which I didn't dare to do the week before. Talking about fighting you daemons and indeed those boots are made for walking.

Not sure the physiotherapist and the orthopedist who I am seeing in the next few days will be as impressed as me by my performance in the gym.  Wait and see...


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