6 July-Is tomorrow the end of the 1st lap or the 1st leg ?

Well, I don't know how many laps and legs there are in this treatment of my Achilles tendon rupture, but what I know is tomorrow should be the end of the 1st leg, that was I am hopping for anyway.

So hopefully, the visit to the orthopedist will be like a transition and I will be moving to the next leg which should be to get into a boot. It is a bit like if you are doing a triathlon but you don't know the distance, would it be an Olympic, half or full distance? What I know it isn't a sprint.

On the other side the orthopedist could decide that I have to move around the buoy and start a second lap, namely have surgery and get a second cast. I am not ready for this.

Browsing the internet, and quite frankly this is more than often a waste of time, a lot of people seems to say if you are active and want to recover quickly and to minimize re-rupture go for surgery despite possible complication otherwise go for conservative treatment. Well in my case, I wasn't really offered a choice and since I started in the conservative manner I hope it will work.

I am not worried about the surgery in itself, what I am more concerned about is that surgery would mean another lap, so setting back the clock by 4 weeks, and quite frankly I would like to start moving a bit more than what I have been doing last month.

Well tomorrow I should know.


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