8 July-Back into action on 1 leg

Today, I was back into action and went to the gym. The session was short, only 35 min, and mainly upper body, but it feels good to be doing some exercise. I started with the upper body ergometer, that I couldn't try last week, then move on to the bike for 5 min on one leg; and to finish about 15 min of arm and shoulder wight training.

I didn't have any problems whatsoever with the Achilles. For the rest of the body, it didn't feel easy while I was exercising it but afterwards, I really felt great. Next time I will try to push it to 45 min or so.

To top-up the day Lilian Calmejane won the stage of the Tour de France in Les Rousses (not to forget the Lions who battled to draw against New Zealand). Les Rousses is full of memory for me, it is one of the ski resort where I learnt skiing, my brother broke his leg there; and as we were looking for him, I saw him in the sleigh pulled by the rescue team; my sisters went back there last summer, almost a year ago.


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