27 July-Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

So on Friday the 21, I have removed another layer on the heel wedge, and I felt good about it for few hours but soon the novelty wear off, and quite quickly it was gone. With one layer less I was able to make more natural step moving my foot forward a bit more, balancing on my injured leg a bit more. That really felt good when it lasts, but too soon I realized I still had this heavy boot on my leg, that I could only walk comfortably on flat and even surface. Taking a different path, steep or uneven, and it was immediately obvious that it wasn't comfortable.

The next week-end, I found the time horribly long. I couldn't get a lift to the gym and I didn't have the energy to drag myself there, and to use the upper body ergometer and weight machines. Then I said maybe I should put the bike back on the trainer and do a little session on it. But as I was changing the rear wheel the derailleur hanger went off. I never saw that happening before, puzzled, I looked at it and I noticed the two screws, that attached it to the frame, went missing. One was lying on the floor, no sign of the other one. That was it, going back on the turbo trainer will have to wait. More waiting...

At least I took some comfort that the following Monday I will go to the physiotherapist. My darling wife, dropped me there. She has a genuine interest in me feeling better, and a vested interest in me being able to do a bit more around the house. Anyway darling, if you read this thanks so much for being my personal chauffeur those days. Back to the physiotherapist, he was very happy and he said it looks very well, ...., still swimming would start in about 2 long weeks, another 2 long weeks before resuming bike turbo session, another few weeks for the alter g machine... 12 weeks before proper running. 12 long weeks, the more it changes the more it stays the same indeed!

Well on the good side, I have few more isometric exercises to do 4 times a day for 1 or 2 minutes, contracting the calf for 3 seconds... And it is only good because 3 weeks ago I couldn't yet do that.... So I do them very thoroughly, despite I find them so boring....



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