26 August-On the road and in the water

Big day today.

The weather was mild, the temperature was 17C and there was a light wind of 13km/h. It was the ideal day to resume some outdoor activities.

Indeed hat is exactly what I did; and overall, it went well. I cycled over 30 km in the neighborhood and swam over 1600 meters in the sea nearby. It feels really great to be training outdoor, first time in over 3 months. Also the physical sensations were pretty good, no pain. Even better, after the swim the swelling on the foot had recessed a lot.

Some thoughts went through my mind that the average speeds weren't great, I wasn't always well coordinated, obviously some muscle groups are now weaker than other. I make an effort to brush those bad thoughts away, it was the first day training outdoor; and it was great even if I had to use my hybrid bike. Also is only my 3rd open water swim this year. The last one was on the 14th of May. So I just need to be patient, before I pass judgment on my current fitness and set new targets.

So I am grateful and feel some inner satisfaction for this good day of outdoor training. I know I should keep it going, swimming in the sea will be fine while the weather lasts, for cycling I need to go very progressively and be cautious before I can envisage some long ride in the countryside.

But very happy to be out again.


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